1.  Free Consultations & Flexible Payment Terms.  Consultations are free!  It costs you nothing to review your situation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  After meeting with your attorney, if you decide that bankruptcy is the right choice for you, our office offers low cost options to get your case filed.  Our office also files Chapter 13 cases with NO LEGAL FEES DOWN.

2.  Telephone Consultations. If it’s not practical to come in for a sit down consultation at our office in Portland or Salem, you can meet with your attorney over the phone.  

3.  Efficiency and Promptness.  Bankruptcy is our only business, so our business is specifically tailored to helping you get through the bankruptcy process as quickly and easily as possible.  We make sure your case is administered as quickly, accurately, and as easily as possible, without errors.

4.  Upfront and Competitive Price.  We quote you a price for your bankruptcy case over the phone prior to you coming in for an initial consultation, so you know how much we will charge for your case before you come in.  The price we quote is the price for your case.

5.  Bankruptcy Experience.  Only a few law firms represent Clients exclusively in bankruptcy proceedings.   We have fourteen years of representing thousands of Clients in bankruptcy cases.  That focused experience translates into more confidence for you that your bankruptcy case is in good hands and that you are making the most informed choices when you file for bankruptcy.

Free Consultations & Flexible Payment Terms
Telephone Consultations
Efficiency & Promptness
Upfront & Competitive Price
13 Years of Bankruptcy Experience